What Raw Materials are Used to Make Plastic?
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Plastic is a term that refers to a set of materials that can be made from either natural or manufactured resources and can be used to make a variety of products. We look at the raw materials that are used to produce plastics.

Plastics are a type of material that can be shaped while they are soft and then solidified to keep their form.

The main elements used to make plastics today are cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt, and crude oil, which are all found in nature. Various raw materials are used in the production of plastics, which are refined into ethane and propane. Heat is then applied to ethane and propane, resulting in a process known as "cracking," which transforms them into ethylene and propylene, respectively.

Plastics are polymers, which means that they are created by joining together chains of molecules (known as monomers) to form a larger molecule than originally existed (a polymer). Polystyrene is an example of such a material. Polymers are robust and long-lasting because of their connections.

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